Report of Aboriginal child, youth & family services from across Australia 2012

Attached is a detailed report of Aboriginal child, youth & family services from across Australia 2012. The report was prepared by Black Wattle Consulting for SAF,T.

The reports are organised in four state based A4 documents. They outline the work of many key community controlled service delivery agencies Australia-wide. These reports are highly readable reports by CEOs and staff, outlining their vision, their day to day processes, their strengths and weaknesses, and their ideas about what is needed to progress their work. Most reports are written up in interview format with photos.

The reports were written to inform the newly forming  SAF,T – the (former) NT peak body for Aboriginal children, youth and families. SAF,T asked Black Wattle Consulting to organise and report on the Australia wide tour for their CEO and Chair.

Sadly SAF,T was defunded shortly after thee reports were tabled.  However the reports themselves are  useful records of the state of these services across the nation.  As their website was then closed, we have loaded the documents on our website for future researchers/users. The reports, in particular the Queensland report, was used in the 2012  Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry.

SAFT interstate research tour reports 2012

Four reports of best practice in Aboriginal child and family services across the nation

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