NAPCAN NT Child Safe Organisation project

July 2010 to Sept. 2011: Black Wattle Consulting undertook consultations with Northern Territory child and youth service providers on service accreditation for the NAPCAN NT Child Safe Organisations project. This  project was funded by the Department of Children and Families. The final NAPCAN NT report, was presented to the NT  Department of Children and Families.  It reviewed the engagement of 20 central NT child and youth service providers with respect to service accreditation proposals,  including:

  • an overview of the NAPCAN Child Safe Organisation project
  • principle outcomes of the Child Safe Organisation project
  • participant feedback  on accreditation
  • recommendations  arising.

The report documents service considerations on the desirability and possibility of accreditation for  NT remote services working with children and young people.  One of the recommendations arising included the development of a Code of Ethics for NT service providers working with children and young people.

‘The report you have written on Child Safe Organisations – I’m loving it. It’s exceptional.’
Lesley Taylor, NAPCAN NT

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