Download a PDF of the timeline poster

Title: A History of Aboriginal Health Workers and Aboriginal Community Workers in the Northern Territory 1870-2013
Authors: Kathy Abbott AHW and Rosie Elliott 2014
Copyright: Kathy Abbott AHW and Rosie Elliott 2014
Publisher:  Black Wattle Consulting

Before downloading tbis poster please note:

  • this poster timeline is 1.2 metres long and 0.5 metre wide and cannot be  printed at a readable size on a desktop printer except in a series of A3 sheets and stuck them together.
  • these PDFs are not suitable resolution for a professional quality print job
  • the second edition of the poster is two sided and many community AHWs / AHPs have their names on the back of the poster so you can choose whether to download the two sided PDF or each page separately.

Download a PDF of the most recently updated version of the poster (based on your feedback and additions)


The original printed posters PDFs for the 2007 and 2013 editions are:

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