Distribution of A History of Aboriginal Health Workers and Aboriginal community workers NT 1870 – 2013

Can I get a free copy of  A History of Aboriginal Health Workers and Aboriginal Community Workers NT 1970–2013? 

Printing and consultation costs for this edition of the timeline were provided by funding from CentreCorp and NT Medicare Local.  This funding allowed copies of the poster to be distributed free of charge to key Aboriginal Health Worker and community workers support agencies and employer groups in the initial distribution period (May 2014).

Key NT agencies and individuals receiving free copies (numbers to be negotiated) include:

  • Aboriginal community controlled health services
  • Aboriginal community controlled family and children services
  • Aboriginal controlled peak bodies
  • Aboriginal Land Councils
  • remote local council agencies
  • community health services
  • remote community family and children services
  • AHW / AHP and Aboriginal community worker line managers
  • other agencies may seek to negotiate payment with the authors according to their circumstances.

Agencies may receive their copies:

  • by delivery up the Stuart Highway in early May 2014
  • through central distribution agencies eg LGANT and Local Government Councils, AMSANT, CARHDS, Ngamanpa, Land Councils
  • by mail (subject to handling and postage costs).

Who pays for the poster?

The timeline authors have received no payment for this work and seek to recoup some labour costs in charging where appropriate.   However, the authors also want the poster to be widely distributed and seen by community. We ask services and individuals to reflect fairly on these matters before asking for free copies.

  • ALL  poster requests will incur a non-negotiable postage and handling charge following the initial distribution process in May 2014
  • bulk rates for the poster will be negotiated
  • posters may be laminated at cost on request
  • payments via Pay Pal (credit card) or EFTPOS.

To negotiate payment details outside the shopping cart standard payment rates, please email us with your request.



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