Black Wattle Consulting – graphic design, resources and policy for Aboriginal child and family services

It’s been a year since Black Wattle Consulting became incorporated as a not-for-profit company. We provide graphic design, digital and print resource development, consulting, research and policy work, business support and training for the child, youth and family sector. We specialise in working for Aboriginal child and family services and undertaking consultations with both urban and remote Indigenous communities.

Setting up a new business always involves careful work – getting the business plan, negotiating the incorporation process, finding good office space, setting up business infrastructure, developing our web site, and most critically, developing good quotes for prospective clients. We have ticked the boxes, and made our deadlines – and our clients are happy.

It has been challenging and exciting to enter the brave new world of small business in the age when the Cloud, Skype, iPhones etc provide such opportunities for creative ways of working, both within our teams and with our clients and partners.

Our next organisational aim is to link to similar small organisations or sole traders and explore opportunities to share information or work together on projects. Have a look at our web site or ring us and think over how we can link up.